Ep 19: Creationism! Can we defend it??

Episode 19 · August 18th, 2019 · 54 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

It took 4 billion years for the first cells to evolve into the talking, walking, podcast-making, online shitposting, creative and utterly insane humans that now populate the earth.


Is that ACTUALLY enough time for Darwin’s theory of incremental mutation to work its slow brand of magic??? A whole lot of smart people reckon it’s not. Justin and Justin try to find out whether they have a point! Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Justin Z also talks about his own recently published research looking at the health and educational deficit faced by twins.


  • What makes Malcolm Gladwell so delightful?
  • Survival-based selection vs Sexual selection
  • Was the primordial soup more of a bisque or a gumbo?


Zeltzer, J. , Shand, A. W., Kelly, P. , Hopper, J. L., Scurrah, K. J. and Nassar, N. (2019), Early birth is a key factor in educational disadvantage of twins: a data linkage study. Acta Paediatr.

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