Jeremy's Iron

Ironworks Podcast Network

Ironworks Podcast Network

Jeremy's Iron is proud to be listed amongst many exciting programmes on the Ironworks Podcast Network. Other shows (and links) listed below.


Host: Taj Walnuts

Birds. They're beautiful, inpiring creatures that are a crucial part of our delicate ecosystem harking back to the dinasaur era. They're also big money. Or so says the world's first ornitheconomist, Taj Walnuts. From village marketplaces to modern day e-commerce, birds might just be the fabric of the woven global economic tapestry.

Nom de Plume

Host: Kel Beryani

Welcome to the Ironworks flagship audio cooking show. Enjoy the snaps, crackles and hisses as Kel cooks up a variety of delights to arouse all of your senses (primarily aural).